Lava Jato – Comédia do Poder

Category: Theatre
Lighting Designer
Venue: Glauco Flores de Sá Brito Theatre, Curitiba, Brazil.
Director: César Almeida

A tragicomic jet over the republic of Curitiba. The contemporary Brazilian moment is currently one of the most unequal in the world. Our citizens are on the streets crying out for decency, ethics, morals. Our society lives a period of boiling rarely seen in history. Much of it because of the internet that has become a free platform where everyone exposes their anxieties and worldviews. The story is definitely altered by the media. Strange and dangerous times call for a reflective art that brings a vision of the current panorama. A great contemporary performance, with dynamic text characterized by an ironic humor, mixes the satire with parodies, in a protest within a comic narrative of situations that the country has been facing. Moment of so many political uncertainties that plague the citizen’s life due to the unbridled and shameful performance of politicians representing the people. A fun and critical musical theater, where the reflection on the current moment intends for the public to recognize itself in this context as the protagonist agent of social transformation and not just a supporting role and do your catharsis in search of a new ethics and morals suited to the new times.