Artaud – pois um louco é também um homem

Category: Theatre
Lighting Designer
Venue: Obragem Espaço Artístico, Curitiba, Brazil
Director: Ingrid Leandro

Damned, marginalized and misunderstood while alive, the maximum incarnation of the romantic genius, the image of the enlightened and crazy artist. It’s Antonin Artaud, French theatrologist and poet with anarchic aspirations, linked to the Surrealist movement. He lived his live between the two Great Wars, years in sanatorium, addictions and what bonds us to him: the love for theater. He came to be recognized after his death as one of the most striking avant-garde of our century, influencing several areas of human thought, such as art, theater, performance, psychiatry, philosophy and politics. Between the world of dreams and the world of shadows, our poet vomits truths to keep himself healthy. The aspiration of the montage is to project a new perspective on how to be affected and look at this creature called monstrous as the real man he was, with his pains, anguishes and loves. A play about a man, now crazy, now lucid, but above all, a being completely in love with the bizarre essentiality of being human.